Our Services

Purus HST services include the following:

  • Crew transfer of technicians for construction and maintenance of offshore platforms
  • Cargo transport to offshore platforms
  • ROV support
  • Refueling of generators, maintenance and recovery
  • Dive support
  • Survey & Guard vessel operations
  • Foundation cleaning

Additional Services: Towing, General Marine services, Project Management, Site Logistics, Geo Technical Surveys, Remote Site Accommodation Solutions, Anchor Handling, STS Operations, Barge Handling, Floating Wind Support, Tidal/Wave Generator Marine Support, Commercial Management.

As well as the ability to charter vessels, we also have a dedicated and experienced vessel management team setup to assist and support your operations.

Vessel Charter

Purus HST's vessels allow us to offer our customers well-proven, innovative vessels for competitive prices. Our vessels are of the highest quality standard, built for maximum performance, low fuel consumption and designed to have low maintenance.

Our vessels are UK flagged under the HS-OSC code with a Gleichwertigkeit for operations in Germany.

Vessel Management

Vessel management can be a complex and time consuming occupation. Our vessel management team is dedicated to maintain and operate the vessel on behalf of the client. The function of the management team is to provide the owner with assistance, support and peace of mind throughout the occupancy or charter of the vessel.

We provide the owner or operator with a professional and experienced crew on board, and our management team provides technical and operational support. We can also provide vessel inspection prior to purchase, supervision during building, crew management and supply and ship lay-up solutions.