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At Purus HST we always strive for complete customer satisfaction. Our dedicated & experienced team assist and support your operations every step of the way.

Purus HST is part of Purus

Purus HST is an established owner and operator of offshore Crew Transfer Vessels. Our UK based headquarters host an integral team with skills in shipping, vessel management and chartering, providing solutions to industries throughout Europe for the construction and operation of offshore wind parks.

The industry experience of our dedicated team together with our longstanding industry relationships ensures the most efficient solution is provided, realising client expectations and building partnerships.

Our Fleet

Purus HST owns and operates a fleet of modern, diverse and highly proficient vessels that are equipped with modern facilities designed to operate all year round. All vessels are outfitted with a digital fleet monitoring system which provides business-critical insight into fleet health, performance, VMMS motion and activity.

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Otary has been making use of Purus HST’s CTV services since 2019 and, based on our positive experiences, opted to enter into a 5 year contract starting in 2023. This ensures a seamless flow of offshore CTV logistics, while collaboratively exploring avenues for additional enhancements and reductions in our ecological footprint through the adoption of emerging technologies. The Purus HST team has consistently demonstrated their responsiveness in addressing unforeseen challenges and we look forward to continue our cooperation, extending beyond CTV operations to encompass SOV operations as part of the integration into the Purus group.
We had excellent support from Purus HST during our drilling campaign in the Black Sea. This was the first time that Purus HST supported a Gas campaign and they adapted their procedures and ways of working to align with our requirements. The feedback from passengers was extremely positive. A huge thank you to the Purus team for successfully transferring over 1000 passengers during the three month campaign
Vinod Thayil
Global Logistics
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