BAR Tech 30

We currently have two BAR TECH 30 Vessels on order.

Offered as low fuel consumption/emission alternative to the ‘traditional’ 24~26m CTVs with superior levels of crew comfort and impressive 2.5m Hs capabilities.

The Challenge

We at HST challenged ourselves to incorporate our broad knowledge of naval architecture, simulation, CFD and patented IP into a superior Crew Transfer Vessel for taking technicians to work on Wind Turbines (amongst other uses). The aim being to improve seakeeping and help make a green energy sector even greener by dramatically reducing fuel requirements and CO2 emissions.

Technicians transit to wind turbines in up to 2.5m Hs high seas and they must arrive fit for work. If any of these are seasick then all passengers (up to 24) must return to port immediately. These abortive trips cost the OEMs large amounts of money so superior seakeeping is an essential part of the vessel’s key requirements.

Technicians must be able to safely transfer from the vessel onto the wind turbines. The boat creates a stable platform from which to climb onto the turbine, by pushing against the turbine whilst thrusting the engines. Location of the turbine and docking also requires excellent manoeuvring capability at slow speeds.

The Solution

The result is a craft that is truly novel, takes its form following extensive simulations, and is a patented form alongside the incorporated foiling system. The active foiling systems correct for pitch and roll and the narrow hull form with the swath style outrigger helping to minimise motions and fuel burn. This ensures the most comfortable journey but also an economic one.

The 30m Bartech reduces vertical accelerations by between 35% and 70%, is between 30% and 50% more fuel efficient and therefore far less GHG if using similar propulsion methods (but see other drivetrain options)

With the vessel being able to operate if higher sea states than a catamaran, the turbines can be serviced and maintained on more days thus saving the OEMs downtime and considerable expense. Available for little more than a catamaran, this vessel offers superior usage for the minor increment in investment.